Court docs: Suspect in LC threats researched school shootings online

Court docs: Suspect in LC threats researched school shootings online

The former Lewis and Clark High School student accused of making repeated threats against the school targeted the same students in threats made last spring and last weekend, according to court documents.

Spokane Police arrested Ryan Lee Wednesday for threats he made on Instagram. He was already awaiting trial for threats made last school year and was free on bond.

According to court documents, Lee specifically targeted a 15-year old girl last spring, sending threats and sexually explicit messages. Upon his arrest, he admitted opening a specific Instagram account to send her the messages.

In November, detectives searched Lee’s tablet and found internet searches for “the Parkland Florida school shooting” and the “Santa Fe, Texas School Shooting.” He also searched for serial killer John Wayne Gacy and his browser history included the phrase “can the FBI track your phone” and “can the FBI track Instagram Accounts.”

November 3rd, the girl who was previously threatened reported seeing a post on Instagram that said “I’m sorry for what will happen at Lewis and Clark High School soon.. can’t wait to carry out what I said last year…” The post also made reference to Lee’s arrest, saying “some dumbass Asian or Mexican took the blame of my doings” and went on to reference that 15-year old girl and another student again.

At the time, detectives contacted Lee and his parent. Lee denied making the threats and said he had not used a computer, cell phone or social media. That was a condition of his release from jail on the previous charges.

His parents told police at the time they believed someone was trying to set their son up with the threats in May, even though Lee had already admitted creating the account and sending the messages.

January 27th, the original victim, now 16, reported receiving the same type of pornographic messages through Instagram that she previously received from Ryan Lee. It was under a different account. Police investigated and found posts from the same account, threatening to shoot up LC.

Another post showed a picture of a gun and the front doors of the high school.

That victim and another student were referenced in the posts and both said they feared they would be shot.

Spokane Police detectives investigated and found two IP addresses associated with the Instagram account; both traced back to the Lee home on West Sumner.

Wednesday, detectives arrested Lee and seized an X-Box, two iPhones, four iPads, three Apple computers, one Apple Mac Book Pro, one Microsoft laptop, seven thumb drives and an Xfinity router.

Lee appeared in court Thursday and a judge set bail at $1,000,000.

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