Court docs: Spokane man shot, killed girlfriend during argument

Court docs: Spokane man shot, killed girlfriend during argument

Court documents say a Spokane man shot and killed his girlfriend during an argument.

Howard Lackey, charged with second-degree murder, made his first appearance in district court on Monday.

The documents say Lackey and his roommate were planning to leave their east central Spokane home on Saturday night together. The victim was at the home- the roommate told police the woman was in a sexual relationship with Lackey and lived at the home “off and on.”

Lackey and the woman got into a verbal argument before he and his roommate were planning to leave. The roommate told police they took the fight into the bedroom, eventually closing the door. He said he heard yelling back and forth from behind the door, and then a noise he knew to be a gunshot.

Documents say when Lackey walked out of the room shortly after, holding his handgun, he told his roommate “I need your help, I think I just shot her.” The roommate said he tried to walk into the room to see the woman, but Lackey pulled the door shut and “admitted she was dead.” When the roommate asked what happened, Lackey told him ” She went for the gun and it went off.”

The roommate and his girlfriend, who was outside, left the scene. He called 911 to report what had happened.

Court documents say Lackey also called 911 to report the shooting. The dispatcher told police he was “hysterical, sobbing, muttering,” and saying he would return to the scene of the shooting, though he never did.

He went to the home of another woman, who also identified herself as Lackey’s girlfriend. She told police Lackey arrived, unannounced and told her he shot the victim. She said she told him to turn himself in and they drove around “looking for a police department.”

Lackey has prior felony convictions from several states, including aggravated assault in New Mexico, and both a felony DUI and failure to register as a violent offender in Montana.

His bond has been set at $1 million.