Court docs: New details about teen’s murder in downtown Spokane

Court docs: New details about teen’s murder in downtown Spokane

Court documents reveal new details about what witnesses say happened before a teenager was shot to death in downtown Spokane Wednesday.

Joel C. Taitch was arrested for the crime.

It happened around 5:30 p.m. near the intersection of W. Main Avenue and N. Washington Street. Multiple juveniles told police Taitch shot the teen after Taitch threatened the victim’s friends with a gun.

Witnesses said Taitch was trying to sell them a marijuana pipe and a fight started when someone took the pipe and wouldn’t give it back. That’s when people there said Taitch reached into his back like he had a weapon.

The argument continued until Taitch and the man with him walked away. According to court documents. two juveniles followed Taitch and later returned to their group and said Taitch threatened them with a gun. One witness said that’s when the shooting victim got mad and ran toward where he last saw Taitch.

When he got to the east sidewalk just south of Main, on Washington, court documents reveal that Taitch shot at the teen and hit him at or near his neck.

Taitch and the person with him ran away from the scene.

He was later arrested after trying to hide in a nearby building. In that building, police said they found a .22 caliber Mark II pistol along with clothing and a backpack that had paperwork with Taitch’s name on it. They also found a handwritten note addressed to “Mom” that included details from the shooting.

The note said the words “..robbed me…” and “I shot him twice while running away.”

Taitch will make his first appearance in court Thursday afternoon. He’s being held on a charge of second degree murder.

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