Court docs: Man admits to drinking, driving and hitting woman with his truck in N. Spokane

Pedestrian hit, killed in North Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Court documents have revealed what happened moments before a woman was hit and killed on Sunday night.

Spokane Police responded to a report of a crash near Cincinnati and Olympic involving a pedestrian. When first responders arrived, they attempted life-saving efforts on 40-year-old Melissa Morrow. She died at the scene.

Police spoke with the accused driver, 39-year-old Brice Billups. According to court documents, he told police they had gone to a shooting range and “had a couple drinks.” Billups told an officer they got into an argument on the way back. Court documents say Morrow hit him in the head with a Gatorade bottle before Billups brought her home.

In a previous report from police, they state the two were in a “dating relationship.”

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According to documents, Billups said he tried to get his stuff and leave from her house. He claims she wouldn’t get away from his window and said he pushed her away “a little bit.”

Billups told police he didn’t know if she was hanging on, and said he thought she was away from his truck. Court documents state he drove off, “felt something” and then saw her.

He told the Spokane officer he stopped, ran back and saw her on the ground. Billups said, “I know that I drove over her. I know that.”

An officer stated in court documents that they could smell alcohol from Billups. He told police he may have had “two shots” about an hour and a half before the crash. Billups admitted to police he smoked marijuana the night before.

After a series of tests, an officer determined Billups was under the influence. Billups was arrested for vehicular homicide.

He’s being held on $5,000 bail and is expected back in court on January 19.

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