Court docs: Isenberg autopsy shows “no evidence of drowning”

Court docs: Isenberg autopsy shows “no evidence of drowning”
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A search warrant filed in Spokane County Superior Court says an autopsy conducted on Larry Isenberg showed no signs of drowning.

Isenberg, 68, was found dead in Lake Coeur d’Alene in early March. His wife had reported him missing on February 13, telling authorities he had fallen into the water while they were boating.

Laurcene Isenberg, known as Lori, told authorities that her husband had not been feeling well, and that she thought a medical episode that caused him to fall into the water. She told investigators her husband’s face looked “awful” and “gray” before he fell.

But the autopsy conducted by the Spokane County Medical Examiner showed no “visible” signs of stroke and no evidence of drowning. The document does say, however, that a toxicology report given to investigators by the Kootenai County Coroner showed lethal levels of diphenhydramine – or Benadryl – in Isenberg’s system.

Detectives also say that testimony given by Lori Isenberg about her husband’s health prior to his health differs from testimony given by friends of the couple.

A friend of the couple received a text from Larry Isenberg the morning of February 13, which mentioned that he was feeling better after a bout with the flu- during which he said he thought he might have suffered a “mini-stroke.” The friend told police that, earlier that week, Lori Isenberg had told him the same thing during a conversation but when he spoke to Larry shortly after, his friend did not mention any health issues.

The same friend also told police that Isenberg sent him a “thumbs up emoji” the morning of February 13- the day Larry Isenberg was reported missing. The friend remarked to detectives that he found that unusual- telling them that Larry Isenberg did not use emojis.

A search of texts running back six months prior to Isenberg’s death found Larry Isenberg “never” used emojis, while his wife used them regularly.

Detetctives say search warrant sought to locate evidence of conspiracy to commit first degree murder or first degree theft.

It was filed and executed in Spokane County, where two of Lori Isenberg’s daughters from a previous marriage reportedly reside. The women are not charged with any crime relating to the death of their stepfather. In the warrant, a Spokane County Sheriff’s detective says he thinks a search of phone records might provide information relating to both to the death of Larry Isenberg but also current charges against Lori Isenberg in Kootenai County- to which both daughters have been connected.

Isenberg was charged with theft at the end of February, stemming from her work at the North Idaho Housing Coalition. The warrant says that one of the daughters listed worked for the NIHC under her mother’s leadership while the other was in some way “linked to the embezzlement of funds” from the NIHC.

The warrant sought to find any information that would “include or exclude” the two women as participants in the crimes under investigation.

Lori Isenberg failed to appear at an arraignment in May. A $500,000 dollar bench warrant has been set for her arrest.