Court docs: Idaho man raped unconscious woman and posted videos online

Court docs: Idaho man raped unconscious woman and posted videos online
Lewiston man arrested for rape, posting videos online

A Lewiston, Idaho man faces multiple criminal charges, including rape and video voyeurism. Investigators say Frank V. Cunningham took videos of himself having sex with an unconscious woman and posted the videos online.

The woman first alerted Nez Perce County investigators on January 12th. She pointed investigators to the website where the video was posted.

Investigators located the video, which had the word “drugged” in the title. They described that the woman was “lifeless and did not move while a male subject had sexual intercourse with her.” The tattoos on the man matched those of Cunningham. By the time investigators found the video, it had been viewed nearly four million times.

Court documents say investigators found more videos of similar behavior with Cunningham once “pulling [the victim’s] eyelids open” with no reaction from the victim. Investigators say the videos appear to be from different time periods and posted over the last five months. Investigators say other videos show consensual sex between Cunningham and the victim, but the victim said she was not aware of any such videos being recorded.

In court documents, investigators say as they were getting ready to arrest Cunningham at his place of employment, the videos were being removed from the website and the profile was being deleted. Investigators had already downloaded them, however, and submitted them into evidence. They also seized Cunningham’s cell phone.

Cunningham was arrested and read his Miranda rights, then agreed to speak with deputies. He denied uploading the videos, but said all of the acts were consensual.

Cunningham was booked into the Nez Perce County jail.