Court docs: Boy identified mom’s killer moments after shooting

Court docs: Boy identified mom’s killer moments after shooting

As a seven-year-old boy sat in his mom’s car Monday morning he became the unwitting witness to Brenda Kolbet’s last moments as her estranged boyfriend Gilberto Delgado drove up to her house and started an argument that ended with her murder.

A search warrant in the double homicide of Kolbet and her brother Daniel Kenison unsealed Wednesday shows that the boy, identified by his father as Cooper Kolbet, was sitting in the passenger seat of his mom’s Volkswagen Passat in the driveway of their Spokane Valley home when Delgado pulled up into the driveway.

After getting out of his car, a heated exchange ensued between Delgado and Kolbet in the driveway. According to the search warrant the boy heard gunshots after Delgado chased his mom into the home and then he saw Delgado left the house, driving away in a black Dodge Dart.

When the boy went inside the home he found his uncle and mom had both been shot and called 911, telling dispatchers, according to the warrant, “Gilberto, his mother’s boyfriend, came into the residence and killed his mom and uncle Danny.”

Deputies, arriving several minutes later, were able to coax the boy out of the home, where he was hiding in fear for his life. Inside the home they found Daniel Kenison, who the medical examiner reported had died from a gunshot wound to the abdomen, inside the front door, and Brenda Kolbet was found inside the home on her back with several gunshot wounds.

Medics were called to the home but the brother and sister were both pronounced deceased.

Deputies also found numerous live .22 rounds as well as several spent shell casings inside the residence.

Delgado, who had been positively identified by the boy, was arrested by US Marshals and Idaho State Police troopers in Blackfoot, Idaho Tuesday. He is currently being held in the Bingham County Jail in Blackfoot. Authorities from southern Idaho are now working with the Spokane Valley Police Department to get Delgado extradited back to Spokane Valley.

As for Cooper, he’s been reunited with his father, Lance Kolbet, and will be moving with him down to Pocatello.

“The real hero was Cooper,” Lance said Tuesday afternoon during an impromptu press conference. “All I can say is the poise and the attention to detail and his frame of mind, all those things [you’d] probably not expect from a seven- year-old.”

The press conference was held after Kolbet took his son to thank members of the sheriff’s office, including the deputies who helped him out on Monday.

“I’m so impressed with the Spokane community and all of the support and the outpouring for Cooper was nothing short of amazing,” Kolbet said. “More importantly, the Sheriff’s Department and the Police Department and how they circled around Cooper and took around him.”