Couple’s fall wedding turns into a winter wonderland at Mt. Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. – Sean and Brittany Tuohy have been waiting for years to finally celebrate their love and host the perfect wedding.

This Spokane couple, who now lives in Arizona, had planned for a wedding on Mount Spokane at Bear Creek Lounge on Saturday. It’s the end of September, so you can imagine their surprise when it started to snow.

Spokane photographer Jaime Fletcher said when she arrived on site, she was worried the couple would be upset because of all the snow.

“When I arrived and even from when I was going up the main road, the transition was so fast from ‘wet rainy’ snow to dumping ‘you’re going skiing’ snow,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher dreaded having to go inside to talk to the couple. She imagined they would be upset, but instead they were all laughing. Fletcher said the entire bridal party was excited to take pictures in the snow.

Fletcher didn’t have to convince the bride to go outside to take photos.The couple had a great attitude throughout the entire day.

“I told everybody before we went outside, where to stand, where we were going, and it was just like a whirlwind,” said Fletcher.

She said she was able to capture so many beautiful memories in about 10 minutes.

This fall wedding was originally going to be outdoors, but they had to move everything inside last minute.

The bride did not let the chaos consume her and she made everybody else feel relaxed, according to Fletcher.

Fletcher mentioned that her favorite part of the day was at the very end of their photo shoot. She said the couple went on the road to take pictures and when they went to kiss, Brittany’s veil flew off and the bride and groom busted out laughing

“That was my favorite part because it just summarized the whole day in that moment,” Jaime said. “They just wanted to get married, which I think is so special!”