Cougar breaks into Ephrata home before being tranquilized

EPHRATA, Wash. — Ephrata homeowners got a bit of a surprise when a cougar came wandering through their neighborhood.

April Longwill shared video her husband took, showing the cougar scrambling up a fence into a backyard.

Ephrata Police said that cougar clawed through a screen door and entered someone’s home. Fish and Wildlife arrived and fired a tranquilizer dart at it, and the cougar ran into the kitchen to climb up the sink and try jumping out the window. Fish and Wildlife tranquilized the cougar again and it finally went to sleep.

Once the cat was tranquilized, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife quickly arrived to take it away.

Fish and Wildlife said they are relocating the cougar to a wildlife area in Douglas County where it will be away from humans and have proper cougar territory. Cougars released back into the wild are “hazed” with loud noises like barking dogs to scare them away from ever coming back to human areas.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article mistakenly attributed the tranquilizer dart firing to the homeowners, rather than Fish and Wildlife personnel.