Costumes from ‘Downton Abbey’ featured in one of four new spring exhibits at the MAC

SPOKANE, Wash. — Thanks to a partnership with the Spokane Civic Theatre, the original costumes worn by characters in the British drama, “Downton Abbey,” have made their way to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.

Under dramatic lighting and accompanied by furnishings from the same time period, there are about 35 costumes on display.

“Dressing the Abbey” displays the clothing worn by the cast as they depicted the British aristocracy in the early 20th century.

Since the exhibitions opened in February, fans of the show have come to appreciate the incredibly delicate, vintage pieces while being reminded of their favorite moments in the show.

“I’ve been hearing that people have been coming in costume sometimes, which is pretty fun,” the MAC’s Exhibitions Manager Brooke Shelman Wagner said. “A lot of people are excited to see these costumes up close and personal. I, myself, didn’t watch the show, but from those who did, I’m hearing that they can recognize the pieces and picture the scene they were in and just really enjoy that aspect a lot.”

“Dressing the Abbey” will run at the MAC until May 2. A few other spring exhibitions at the MAC will run until mid-May and June, including an American Indian exhibition, and two others related to World War II.

Learn more about “Dressing the Abbey” and buy tickets HERE.