Cork District’s Spring Release

Cork District’s Spring Release

If you haven’t noticed – Spokane seems to love it’s wine.

“When we opened our tasting room here 2 and a half years ago, I think we were the 9th or 10th,” said Jennifer Lamb with Barrister Winery. “Now there’s 19, so that’s really cool.”

Even before the tasting room – Barrister has been a staple of downtown Spokane for nearly 20 years. Their success has attracted other Evergreen State wineries to the Lilac City.

Maryhill Winery is based in Goldendale, but just this winter they invested in a beautiful tasting room in Kendall Yards.

“We’ve been around since 1999 and we’re thrilled to now have a presence in Spokane,” said Katie Byrd, who moved to Spokane in October.

If you take this information and believe the Spokane wine market is now saturated and competition is fierce – think again.

“I love all my colleagues. I refer to them as my partners,” said Lamb. “I know that we’re great at recommending one another, when one of us does well we all do well.”

For information on this weekend’s Spring Release – click here.