Cop under investigation in fatal shooting of neighbor’s dog

Cop under investigation in fatal shooting of neighbor’s dog
KFOR/Newton Family via CNN

An Oklahoma police captain is under investigation after allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor’s dog, KFOR reported.

Brian Williford was off duty and carrying his personal rifle when he approached his neighbors about their dogs bothering his cattle, KFOR reported. Williford said the dog, Fat Boy, kept charging aggressively at him so he shot him, according to a police report.

The family disagrees with Williford’s account, KFOR reported.

“I know my dog was not aggressive; came off the porch, sat there and barked twice,” owner Donnie Newton said. “He shot him in the head and killed him right in front of my eyes.”

Williford is under investigation, KFOR reported.

“There is an investigation that has began,” Oklahoma City Police Department Capt. Bo Mathews told KFOR. “And, right now, there’s not a lot to speak about because it’s in the early stages.”

Mathews said Williford is not getting special treatment.

“In this case, I don’t know of any other cases in dog shootings where that person was arrested after he shot a dog, or a cat or an animal,” Mathews told KFOR.

Fat Boy was cremated after being killed Feb. 22.

“I miss him dearly,” Newton told KFOR. “I loved that dog with all my heart, you know, I really did. It’s sad.”