Cool off in the summer heat with a Poppy Unique Treat!

Cool off in the summer heat with a Poppy Unique Treat!
Poppy Unique Frozen Treats
Poppy Unique Frozen Treats will open a brick and mortar location in North Spokane this summer. 

For the Blanton family, opening a local ice pop business has been all about opportunity and timing.

Mark Blanton had been interested in an ice pop business for some time, but was hesitant because other businesses in Spokane were doing the same thing for longer. When he saw the owner of Poppy Gourmet Ice Pops was selling her business last year, he decided to take it over.

“We thought this would be the perfect thing for us all to try out,” Blanton said.

He mentioned “us” because Poppy Unique, as they are now known, is a family effort.

“Our parents were looking for a retirement project, something for them to do when they get bored and we were always looking for something to do together,” Blanton added.

Mom and dad Blanton make the ice pops, “the poppy’s,” while Mark and his two siblings handle sales, marketing and pretty much everything else.

“What’s great is everyone has their own skills with everything,” said brother Michael Blanton.

The interesting flavors and crazy names are a group effort. Recently, the family decided they needed a place to store all of their wild creations. It turned out, there was a vacant shop on the corner of Northwest Boulevard and West York Avenue.

“We wanted there to be a place that was more accessible, not just a farmers market, not just a random event, there’s a place you can go every week and try it out, check it out,” Blanton said.

You can visit them at 1921 Northwest Boulevard on Thursdays through Sundays. You can see their latest hours by clicking here.

Don’t worry about them going anywhere for winter. Pumpkin cheesecake ice pops and peppermint fudge are on the horizon.

“Kids don’t really know or care about the weather, just the sweet treat. There could be 2 feet of snow and they still want an ice cream or something frozen,” Blanton said.

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