Convicted serial child rapist moved to Spokane Co. while another one of his victims speaks out

Another victim of a convicted Spokane serial child rapist speaks out to 4 News Now. We were the first station to tell you this week about this convicted serial child rapist released from prison and sent back to Spokane.

75-year-old Gregory Lee McCrea was convicted of raping eight children. In 1999, prosecutors said they believed there were many, many more victims.

According to the Spokane County jail roster, he was booked and then released Tuesday. Now, we’re learning McCrea was transferred to the Airway Heights Correctional Facility.

The Washington Department of Corrections told 4 News Now, McCrea will be there for the next year, serving time for state child rape charges.

Now, another one of McCrea’s victims is speaking out on how his violent abuse has affected her all these years.

This victim was only nine years old when she was attacked by McCrea and another man, who filmed the attack. Even though it’s been more than 20 years, she said what he did still affects her and she has a message to parents.

“It’s stated in the record, that he was shown filming with another gentleman raping children. And, I happened to be one of them.”

This woman said McCrea abused her several times in 1996. A man she described as evil and a terrorist.

“Being as young as I was, I didn’t know what was going on, in any sense, in any area of it. And, I don’t honestly think you can get it right,” she said.

Her parents, she said, didn’t support her. She thinks the court did what it could, but said no one prepares you for child abuse.

“It never goes away. It’s always there. It affects your relationships. It’s such a big elephant in the room,” she said.

She said she’s suffered emotional distress all these years because of the trauma McCrea caused.

“What these gentlemen did was essentially ruin my entire life,” she said.

McCrea’s victim has a message for parents – be careful and be mindful of who you bring into your child’s life. She said her parents were not.

“I want parents to teach their children that the lies monsters will tell you to keep you quiet are not true. Mommy will still love you. No, he’s not going to kill your parents. Tell somebody. Tell somebody,” she said.

Washington Department of Corrections told 4 News Now, McCrea will be behind bars until November next year. After that, he’ll be eligible for community supervision. Because of his age, prosecutors will decide what’s the best option, like a group supervision program.

4 News Now was the first to bring you this story, and we will continue to bring you updates.