Convicted murderer, rapist back in jail on probation violation

Convicted murderer, rapist back in jail on probation violation

A convicted murder and rapist is back in jail, after allegedly violating the terms of his probation.

Joseph Earl Singleton was convicted of murder in Alabama in the 1980’s and found guilty of kidnapping and rape in Spokane in 2000.

His court record shows numerous violations of probation in the years since his release- some for alcohol or drug use, others for failure to notify of an address change and failure to register as a sex offender.

Singleton appeared in court Thursday for for three alleged violations. Court documents say he told a community custody officer on Tuesday that he had been at a hotel over the weekend and that he used heroin.

When police took him into custody, they confiscated a folding knife- which Singleton isn’t allowed to have outside his home, per an August 2015 court order.

In court documents, Singleton’s Community Custody Officer noted that he has a “horrible drug addiction,” but also that only recently did he abide by GPS monitoring long enough for it to be removed and his Level 3 sex offender status renders him unable to attend a communal treatment facility- leaving confinement as the only option to address the recurring violations.

The CCO asked the court for 60 days per violation- 180 days total. The court denied bail for Singleton in this matter- he’ll be back in court Friday for the probation violation hearing.