Convicted felon attempted to elude deputy, charged 3 new felonies

Convicted felon attempted to elude deputy, charged 3 new felonies
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A suspect attempted to mislead a deputy after fleeing from his vehicle and was later charged for three new felonies, a felony warrant and two misdemeanors.

Spokane Valley Deputy Michael Sullivan observed a vehicle occupied by two people driving at speeds that exceeded the posted limit. Deputy Sullivan got behind the vehicle and turned on his lights to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver continued on, breaking multiple traffic laws.

Deputy Sullivan advised dispatch that he was in pursuit of a vehicle and lost sight of it.

A citizen reported seeing two people flee on foot from a vehicle parked near Cataldo and Van Marter. Deputy Travis West responded to the area and located the vehicle. A perimeter and K9 announcements were made after the confirmation of the vehicle.

The name Brandon Powell was listed on a bill of sale found inside the car and he was later identified as the male suspect who was driving at the time.

Deputies and their K9s tracked a female’s location and detained the suspect who was the passenger in the vehicle. She was later interviewed and released.

Deputy Turner saw a male emerge between two houses near his location who was later identified as Powell.

Powell said, “Hey a guy just ran from my yard through the church parking lot! He was hiding under my deck!” Then he attempted to walk past Deputy Turner.

Powell was stopped and questioned by Deputy Turner then detained after locating a set of keys that match the vehicle.

During a complete search of Powell, 10 small bags of heroin were found. He threatened that next time he would be armed and shoot the deputies.

Powell was booked into the Spokane County Jail for Attempting to Elude Law Enforcement, Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver, Unlawful Imprisonment, Providing False/Misleading Statements and Driving while Suspended 3rd Degree.