Construction on North Monroe still ahead of schedule, early completion a possibility

The rebuilding of the North Monroe Street corridor is in it’s 5th month of construction. Crews are currently working to complete the South half of the project that has seen Indiana to Montgomery and Euclid to Chelan closed to traffic.

The North half of the project was completed in June, 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Nearly two months later, it is still ahead of schedule. The City of Spokane said that the project was supposed to wrap at Halloween, but if they do not hit any road blocks, the project could wrap even earlier.

Take a stroll along North Monroe now, and you can get a sneak peek of what’s to come, as some improvements have been completed. Wider sidewalks have been created and lamp posts installed to increase pedestrian safety in the corridor.

Spokeswoman for the City of Spokane Marlene Feist added, “what you are really going to start to see is some of those pedestrian amenities start to take place along the street-scape. You are going to see those bump outs and those bump outs will ultimately lead to shorter crossing distances allowing pedestrians to get across the street more safely.”

While only a few businesses participated in the loan program with the City, made to help stay afloat during construction, Feist says a lot more decided to participate in the facade improvement program which sees the City and businesses working together to give the outside of their establishments face lifts.

This process is just beginning. Places like Waffles Plus have already received improvements like new paint to the exterior and a fence behind the property.