Construction begins on North Monroe

The long-awaited reconstruction and revitalization of the North Monroe Street corridor has begun this morning after years of planning. Here is what you will need to know if you plan on driving through the area.

Construction has been divided in to two sections to ensure the project is completed during the season. Each has two phases of work and will span from April to July.

Two different contractors are handling work in the two areas. For phase one, the northern parts of each will be completed. On the hillside near Garland, work will span from Dalton to Kiernan. The lower part of construction will go from Montgomery to Chelan.

Post is going to be the main detour for the entirety of construction. In each section of work, there will be an East/West route to help you get to your favorite businesses. For the upper part of construction, Cora will be open. For the lower part of construction, York will be open.

The City says this is an early start date for construction but planned for this date as they plan to finish this hefty project in seven months.

Since the start of construction falls during spring break for Spokane schools, the City hopes it will be a nice ease in and not very congested for the first few days giving everyone a chance to get used to it.

When driving through the North Monroe corridor be sure to slow down and give yourself extra time to get to where you are going as traffic patterns will be different.