‘Constant state of fear’: Freeman HS shooting victims share how their lives are forever traumatized

SPOKANE, Wash. — Dozens of victims in the Freeman High School shooting relived a nightmare many can’t wake up from.

Monday was the first day a judge heard impact statements from those affected.

These statements will help the judge decide the shooter’s sentence. Caleb Sharpe already pleaded guilty earlier this month.

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Students, staff, teachers, parents and grandparents gave victim statements.

Victim advocates read most of the statements, so those affected would not have to relive the trauma. Sharpe sat in court with his head down for most of the readings.

The common sentiments were emotions of horror, trauma, fear and a lifelong impact they can never outlive.

Many said they live in a “constant state of fear” and asked the judge to give Sharpe the maximum time in prison. They also explained their frustration with the amount of time it has taken for the courts to move through Sharpe’s case.

Many said they have no closure and hope the sentencing will help them heal.

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