Connell High School wins postseason ban appeal following racist conduct at Zillah basketball game

Connell High School

CONNELL, Wash. — Connell High School won its appeal against sanctions surrounding a racist incident at a basketball game, and they will now be allowed to play in the postseason.

These sanctions stem from a game between Connell High School and Zillah High School, where video taken during the event appears to show fans making monkey noises and gestures at Black players from Zillah.

North Franklin School District launched an investigation into the incident, and Connell announced that no students or student-athletes would be allowed at games until the investigation was done.

The South Central Athletic Conference (SCAC) accepted those penalties and added more, including ending Connell boys and girls basketball seasons on June 5, moving the SCAC League wrestling event from Connell to Wapato, and not allowing any fans—including students and adults—at Connell games for the rest of the school year.

Connell High School made an appeal to the WIAA Executive Committee, asking that the basketball games be allowed to continue into the postseason and to allow parents to attend the games.

WIAA accepted the appeal, but added further sanctions, including:

  • NFHS Implicit Bias training for Connell High School students, staff and administrators
  • Connell High School cannot host any contests this year
  • The school is placed on a one-year probation
  • The school is assessed a $1,000 fine to be used by the school to develop sportsmanship, respect and anti-bias behavior

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