Connell High School basketball banned from postseason due to racist incident

Connell High School
Courtesy: Connell High School Facebook page

CONNELL, Wash. — In light of an incident in which Connell High School fans spewed racist remarks and gestures to Zillah High School student-athletes, Connell’s basketball teams won’t be allowed to participate in the 2021 postseason.

The South Central Athletic Conference (SCAC) is imposing sanctions on Connell High School, according to SCAC President Ty Kime. That includes a postseason ban, meaning that Connell’s boy’s and girl’s basketball teams will have their seasons come to a close on June 5.

Additionally, Connell fans and students will not be allowed at any SCAC athletic event through the end of the Winter Season on June 12. Only rostered student-athletes and coaches will be allowed at remaining sporting events for the duration of this season.

Due to the incident, the SCAC is planning to update its sportsmanship model to educate its school communities about good sportsmanship and ethics. An excerpt from the conference’s press release reads as follows:

The SCAC encourages and promotes good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches, parents and spectators. We strive to create a competitive, yet positive, atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

Athletics is the arena where all are encouraged to strive together for a common goal and any form of actions that inhibits these student-athletes will not be tolerated.

With a 4-3 record, the Connell High School boy’s basketball team stands at fifth in the conference. On the cusp of postseason contention, the team won’t be allowed to participate in postseason competition due to the action of its fans. At 6-1 overall, the Connell girl’s basketball team would reach the playoffs if not for recent sanctions.

Connell’s athletic director released a statement to Zillah student-athletes, families and fans earlier this week saying “you did not deserve this.”

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