Comstock Park reopens for first time since January windstorm

SPOKANE, Wash. — Comstock Park has officially reopened for the first time since January’s devastating windstorm.

More than 130 trees fell in Spokane Parks during the windstorm, with many of them reported at the South Hill park.

Spokane Parks and Recreation said park-goers should use caution around any unsettled ground or holes from tree roots if visiting Comstock.

“I’d like to thank park visitors for their cooperation and patience as we closed the park to mitigate hazards of large holes, downed trees and broken infrastructure at Comstock,” said Garrett Jones, director of Parks and Recreation. “Thank you, also, to our dedicated staff who managed a tremendous amount of damage across the park system and worked to safely reopen Comstock.”

Staff plan to continue repairs at the Comstock bath house, fencing, tennis courts and playground. There is unknown damage to underground irrigation systems and a full assessment will be conducted later this spring. The storm is estimated to have done $700,000 worth of damage to park properties.

All downed trees will be replaced at a two-for-one rate and the parks department will host volunteer tree plantings this spring, fall and into 2022. Parks with the greatest need for additional tree canopy will be given priority, in alignment with the SpoCanopy goal for 40 percent tree cover Spokane.