Complaint filed against Police Chief from Ombudsman Commission

An ongoing dispute is now in the public eye after last nights city council meeting.

Police Ombudsman Bart Logue has been working hand-in-hand with the Spokane Police Department since 2016.

In that meeting, Logue touched on several improvements the department made in recent years. He also stressed that in 2018, his office experienced significant obstacles when it came to working with the city and the police department.

“I appreciate the opportunity to come before you tonight to brief our annual report,” said Bart Logue, Spokane Police Ombudsman.

What started off on a positive note quickly escalated into something much bigger, as Spokane Police Ombudsman Bart Logue delivered his 2018 Annual Report to the Spokane City Council.

“It goes without saying that in 2018, our office experienced some significant obstacles,” said Logue.

Obstacles that reached a breaking point on November 2018, when commissioners signed an HR complaint against Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl on behalf of the Police Ombudsman Commission.

“It does get frustrating to work in a system where leaders say, ‘Yes we agree with oversight in public,’ but then seem to do everything possible to make that oversight difficult or nonexistent.

That HR complaint against Chief Meidl explains how the SPD has hindered the work of the OPO in several ways.

“The city has allowed the police department to redefine standards, definitions, and phrases within the code which has led to where we are today,” Logue said.

We reached out to Chief Meidl, but he was unable to comment due to the investigation.

Here’s a look at the full HR complaint:

Meidl Complaint by Erin Robinson on Scribd