Community support helps owner overcome damage to D’bali Asian Bistro

Dbali Damage
Nik Stiles

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. — It was an attack a local restaurant owner did not want the public to know about.

But now, Jeannie Choi, owner of D’bali Asian Bistro, said she feels safe sharing her experience, largely in part to community support.

Someone smashed the window of the Airway Heights restaurant on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but the restaurant first shared pictures on Friday.

Choi said it took time, not only to get past the damage, but to also get to a place of emotional well-being. She said the support she has received since the incident was enough to bring it to light.

“Lot of people have sending me the message and check on my well-being. I really appreciated everyone’s concern,” Choi said, “I feel like I got more than enough love. I really cannot say enough more than I really appreciate it.”

The restaurant thanked everyone on Facebook for their love and support, and ended their post with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”