Community shows support for transgender assault victim

Community shows support for transgender assault victim

It was an outpouring of support and a call to action inside the Spokane City Council Chambers Monday night.

The seats were filled with those supporting Jacina Scamahorn, a transgender woman who was attacked Friday night in Downtown. Some are calling the assault a hate crime.

“On paper, Spokane appears to be more inclusive,” one man said, “however in practice it clearly is not.”

“We are all human, we are all one, please work with us,” another said.

One by one, the group spoke to councilors calling for equality within the city after Jacina Scamahorn was assaulted.

“I urge the city council to make sure that this incident is thoroughly investigated,” Pastor Janet Shannon said.

Witnesses say she was attacked inside Boots Bakery, an employee tells KXLY there was an altercation then Scamahorn was shoved into a booth.

“They were accusing her of spitting in their faces or something like that,” Employee John Dandurand said. They were yelling some pretty crazy things I’m not going to repeat,”

Monday night, the bruises were apparent on Scamahorn’s left eye.

“They treated me like I was a thing. Like I was someone that didn’t deserve respect,” Scamahorn said. “This is unfortunate incident but it’s not going to stop me from being myself.”

Many who spoke, like Pastor Shannon, they’re hoping tonight’s conversation will spark change within the city.

“If we can get the message out that, that kind of behavior is not okay here, then maybe next time that guy comes in and says something rude to somebody, then somebody in another booth will stand up and say that’s not okay here,” Shannon said.

Spokane Police say major crimes is investigating the case. They have not determined whether or not this will be classified as a hate crime.