Community mural on North Monroe vandalized just days after painting

Community mural on North Monroe vandalized just days after painting

On Saturday, more than 150 community members gathered on North Monroe to leave their mark on a new community mural. By Tuesday, their art had been vandalized.

The mural was part of the North Monroe Business District’s ‘Cruise on Monroe’ event. A car show highlighted the newly reopened North Monroe Street, after a long awaited end to major construction on the road this summer.

Event-goers could support local businesses that felt the weight of the road closures and be a part of the new mural, a collaboration between the City of Spokane, the business district and Spokane Arts. Each person involved was assigned a specific spot on the wall where the street curves to the north, and asked to share their Monroe memories or experiences- or whatever they felt like painting.

Megan Kennedy, a member of the North Monroe Business District, told KXLY the event was a “wonderful’ way for the community to come together and that that spirit of togetherness is what they hope the mural reflects for those who see it.

But, by Tuesday, black paint had been sprayed over the artwork, obscuring some of the community member’s designs.

Kennedy said it was disappointing to see, but that those involved with the project knew it was best to get out right away and fix it. She was among a group of people out on the sidewalk Tuesday afternoon. working to paint over the vandalism and preserve the mural’s message.