Community members rally to clean up downtown Spokane after night of destruction, looting

SPOKANE, Wash. — Community members and businesses owners gathered in downtown Spokane early Monday morning to begin cleaning up after a night of destruction and looting.

Thousands of people gathered to peacefully protest police brutality and the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. on Sunday. The protest was peaceful up until a second group of people took advantage of the situation and became aggressive.

Looters broke into the Nike store, shattered glass at the Wells Fargo bank and graffitied several other businesses across downtown. Many people began boarding up their storefronts late Sunday in an effort to protect their businesses.

Jerry Burke, owner of Burke’s DKI, did just that. His team helped preemptively board up stores at 11:30 p.m. He said he was glad to see protesters that stepped up against the violence.

A group of Gonzaga University alumni gathered late Sunday and also began clean up efforts. They said they were at the peaceful protest and wanted to focus on the good. They worked throughout the night to help clean the streets of downtown.

City cleanup crews were also spotted, as well as law enforcement.