Community helps baby in need of medication

Community helps baby in need of medication

The story of a Spokane baby who needs lotion every day to save his life touched a lot of hearts in the Spokane community Tuesday.

Jamison needs a jar of ointment every day to treat an extremely rare genetic disorder, but the family’s insurance said it would no longer cover the cost of an over-the-counter ointment made by Aquaphor.

Jamison is seven months old now, and was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Harlequin Ichthyosis. The disorder affects his skin, which must be covered from head to toe in Aquaphor every couple of hours. That’s among a whole slew of other medical treatments he must go through each day.

When the Spokane community heard the family was in need, many started reaching out, asking how to help.

Kxly4 put dozens offering to donate supplies of Aquaphor in contact with the family.

It’s thanks to the generosity of the community that baby Jamison is now getting the help he needs.

“We weren’t expecting to have such a highly special needs baby since that’s so rare,” said Alicia Kay, Jamison’s mom. “But, we do feel like God chose us. He definitely chose us for this.”

Jamison’s mother was able to get in contact with a new insurance provider, who said they would be able to cover this monthly cost of Aquaphor.

Until that new insurance kicks in, the family says it will have enough from donations to get them by.