Come see the grazing goats reducing the fire risk in Spokane’s parks

SPOKANE, Wash. — A team of goats has been enlisted to help reduce the fire risk at parks around Spokane.

They were placed in Meadowglen Park a few days ago and now they’re at Minnehaha Park until Sunday, May 23.

The 220 goats have been chewing and chomping away at vegetation to make sure nothing is left that could make a spreading fire more dangerous.

Healing Hooves, the company behind the goat herd, says everything in the goats’ perimeter is safe to eat and this is overall the safest way to conduct fire mitigation.

“Some of the sites are pretty steep and rocky so it’s hard to get over with people and so the goats are good and adapted to that kind of environment,” said Shepherd Craig Madsen.

You can also come and see the goats in action!

They’ll be in Minnehaha Park until this Sunday and then South Hill Bluff and Hangman Park the week of May 24-29.

Healing Hooves just asks that you stay behind the electrified fence and don’t pet or feed the goats.

Madsen says there might be plans to bring the goats back to do more grazing this summer.

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