Combat post-Bloomsday soreness with these recovery tips

Combat post-Bloomsday soreness with these recovery tips
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A foam roller is a great tool to use on your muscles post-race day! 

No matter if you ran Bloomsday 2019, walked it or pushed a stroller, 7.46 miles is no easy feat!

Recovery is just as important as race prep and the race itself, especially if you want to get out there and achieve your next fitness goal!

Just as you would before the race, take some time after to stretch out your body.

Peter Clark, owner of Spokane’s Deliberate Strength gym, recommended using a foam roller for the best results. Foam rollers are often compared to a sports massage, without the hefty price tag. Make sure your movements are slow and small; foam rolling should not be painful. Clark said household items like a wine bottle or tennis ball can be used and have the same effect.

When it comes to the great debate of whether to take it easy or get back out there, Clark said it is best to find a happy medium. Do not lay in bed or on the couch for days, but ydo not push it too hard if you decide to excercise. Clark said to take a mile walk the day after. If that is too much, take a walk outside and grab your mail.

Drinking water is also extremely important; drink half of your body weight in ounces of water and maintain a well-balanced diet. Celebrating can be fun, but it might not be the best idea to load up on sugary desserts. Make sure you are eating one protein serving to every two carbohydrate servings.

Keep up the momentum and start thinking about what your next fitness goal will be and how you will reach it!

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