Colville School District superintendent resigns

COLVILLE, Wash. — The superintendent of Colville School District, Steve Fisk, has resigned.

Fisk said he asked to resign at the school board meeting Friday. He said he would be working with the board to put together a transition plan while they look for an interim superintendent. Once the interim superintendent doesn’t need the transition period anymore, then Fisk said he’ll be out.

“I had to look at myself in the mirror and figure out where I want to go and this is important the board heard my heart and my mind and supported that and I’m really grateful for that. Not one of those situations where I was forced out or made to leave,” Fisk told 4 News Now.

Fisk had been with the district for less than one year; he was previously the principal at North Central High School in Spokane.

The board also voted to re-instate its mask mandate at Friday’s meeting. The board voted to lift it last week but decided to reverse their action when faced with fines by the state.

A release from the district said they faced a $70,000 fine per violation.

When asked if the masking decision was what made him want to leave he said, “My why – professionally, is really where I landed in terms of my heart and my mind, and I can’t just say it’s a thing.”

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