Colbert parents plan to start petition for change at U.S. 2 intersection

Colbert parents plan to start petition for change at U.S. 2 intersection

Another collision at U.S. 2 and Colbert Road impacted Thursday morning drive times and sparked renewed concern.

KXLY spoke to neighboring businesses and parents following a crash on Tuesday morning that sent one person to the hospital with serious injuries.

Thursday morning’s crash was less serious- but one driver was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

In the days since Tuesday’s crash, KXLY has received several messages and phone calls about the intersection. Some messages say that the bulk of the problem is a result of driver error, while others say they would like to see a traffic *light, a roundabout or some other traffic revision. But the majority of commenters say they feel the intersection is a problem, and that al

Vicki Leavey is one of those people. She’s lived in the area since 1991 and says that as her town sees increased growth and development, traffic has grown with it and she thinks the number of collisions is getting higher.

KXLY has requested crash data from the Washington State Department of Transportation about how many crashes have happened at this intersection, and how those crashes were caused. The request has not yet been fulfilled.

Leavey says she’s not sure which solution would best fit the intersection, but she’s reached out to WSDOT several times to try and start a conversation and get some questions answered.

A department spokesperson told KXLY on Thursday that it has spoken to people in this area and are planning a public meeting to discuss the intersection. That meeting could happen within the next few weeks.

Leavey and others concerned about the intersection have created a petition for a roundabout or traffic signal. They hope to gather signatures and give it to WSDOT at the meeting. Leavey says she knows it’s not a necessary step to enact change, but she hopes it will reflect the community’s interest in this issue.