Coeur d’Alene School Board moves upcoming meeting to Zoom, will not discuss possible mask mandate

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — The Coeur d’Alene School Board is moving their upcoming meeting to Zoom and will not discuss a possible mask mandate any time soon. 

In a letter to families, Chair Jennifer Brumley addressed the decision to postpone Friday’s meeting. 

The board was set to discuss a possible mask mandate but canceled their meeting just minutes before. The board was met by a large group of people hoping to attend the meeting, many of which were protesting any kind of mask mandate.  

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Brumley said the meeting was postponed because of safety concerns. 

“This concern was not specific to any one person or group but my concern included the trustees, the staff present, the officers and the individuals in attendance at the meeting,” she wrote. 

Brumley went on to say that she was told an attempt was made to tell people outside that there was no room in the building for everyone and that capacity limits would be enforced. 

“It was stated that those who could not be in the room could watch the meeting online. When this attempt to explain the situation was made, the individuals began to argue and state they all wanted inside,” she wrote. “During my conference with staff about the people outside and their desire to all be inside it was relayed to me by law enforcement that individuals outside the door were discussing breaking it down and not abiding by the capacity limits.  It was relayed to me that law enforcement on scene were not prepared to handle this type of situation.” 

Brumley said she watched media reports from the protest and was “tearful and truly saddened.”

“I was concerned for my safety, after the fact, in light of the anger over cancelling the meeting,” she said, adding that the decision to postpone the meeting was made before any of these threats were made.

In the days since, the board has received emails saying they should anticipate at least 100 people to attend meetings moving forward. Brumley said the board has consulted with law enforcement and advised there is not a safe venue for their October 4 meeting to be held in person. 

Zoom does not allow space for public comment, so those wishing to provide one can do so by emailing

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