Coeur d’Alene Resort fully reopens under Phase 4 in time for Father’s Day weekend

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho. —  Coeur d’Alene Resort is fully reopened this summer under Phase 4 of Rebound Idaho.

It’s just in time for a fun-filled Father’s day weekend.

The resort will have Father’s Day packages on sale to offer an enjoyable weekend of events, but they are selling fast.

As an alternative, they will have grab-n-go and get-n-grill meals for the whole family to enjoy or for you to put on the grill as a Father’s Day to-go dinner option.[0]=68.ARABE1ZWvF2BW0jHb0h29KMOPl3eYdOGsEXGoHJgqD4Zx8JCab7DZS7js1nIS88oHvRPLl8MfoPebzA73O-M2QWdroTLRG1Yl1imJGEZDeoiw5hJM4NqwxWikjTvoi8M9FRTlVuCYA__AA4Fsl0DGvRdkx_Erf-I-GOeO8S1HsKjLwwW__NLGOxqXnL2ZqXlhaHU1O5GOJ0YodqxsM6IZFdQT01a36LcGEcCMqqf1cfSM7pA0YkxKaCCFoAcNmNXJTYIw8xPZeOvX0sTMix3CRcOyQ75eQFkVwV3QS3JDUW-zw7qm3XY0g3XJhUoCIgnQnri_TdJIV_6_FjetbbF&__tn__=-R

You’re also encouraged to enjoy restaurant specials, boat and cruise rentals and the golf course.

But even though Idaho is in Phase 4, the resort will have safety measures in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

All guests and employees must have their temperatures taken when they arrive.

There will also be heavy cleaning and room sanitation throughout.

For more information on summer fun and Coeur d’Alene Resort, visit their website.