Coeur d’Alene Fourth of July shooting suspect takes the stand

COEUR d’ALENE, Idaho — A Coeur d’Alene teenager charged with firing his gun at a crowded Fourth of July celebration told the jury his version of the story today.

It’s the first time we’re hearing from Tyler Rambo, the now 19-year-old who was shot repeatedly by police that night. Rambo admitted to the jury that he did fire a gun at Coeur d’Alene Park.

However, he claims he didn’t intend to hurt anyone — including the person he was in a fight with.

He says that person was Jawaun Anderson. The two had been in another fight in Spokane a few weeks prior.

Rambo told the jury he saw Anderson on the Fourth of July in 2019.

On the stand, Rambo admitted that when he saw Anderson he punched him, which led to a brawl in the middle of Coeur d’Alene Park. Rambo claims he was getting beat up while he was on the ground in the fetal position.

That’s when he says he aimed at the sky and shot the gun in the air.

“So you decide, ‘Hey, my fists aren’t enough. I need to use this gun,’ right?” Rambo was asked during the trial, to which he replied, “In a matter of speaking, correct. Yes.”

Rambo claims he and Anderson started fighting over the gun, before Anderson dropped to the ground for a reason we don’t know right now.

Rambo says he didn’t think Anderson had been shot — which he wasn’t. Moments later, Rambo says Anderson ran off.

Rambo told prosecutors he had brought a gun and 13 bullets for “standard precaution.”

Rambo is facing several charges including attempted second-degree murder and aggravated assault.

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