Cochran Basin Stormwater Treatment Facility construction starts Monday

SPOKANE, Wash — Another construction project will be happening in Spokane.

Construction at Cochran Basin Stormwater Treatment Facility starts on Monday. As a result of the construction, Downriver Disc Golf Course and access to the TJ Meenach area will be temporarily closed.

Construction includes creating ten ponds that will treat and infiltrate water from north Spokane. The ponds will be at the Downriver Disc Golf Course and Downriver Park. The ponds will be able to treat up to 11 million gallons of stormwater each day that enters the Spokane River.

City of Spokane Parks & Recreation says they plan to involve keeping any significant trees and adding pine trees and native plants to places where needed.

“When it is time to do work underground, our team looks for opportunities to improve above-ground amenities,” says Public Works Director Marlene Feist. “This is a win, win for our community that benefits our quality of life and the environment.”

Along with improving river health, the construction project with the following:

  • A renovated Downriver Disc Golf Course including 18 new holes
  • Two new paved parking lots with more than 40 stalls serving disc golf participants
  • An information kiosk
  • Improved trail access
  • A renovated TJ Meenach watercraft access area
  • A new paved lot for more parking, two 50-foot stalls, and space to accommodate trailers accessing the river

“We are really excited to be able to deliver an upgraded Disc Golf Course for the growing sport and its participants as well as an enhanced experience for people accessing the river at the TJ Meenach launch and take-out,” says Parks and Recreation Director Garrett Jones.

The disc golf baskets donated by the Spokane Disc Golf Club will be removed on Monday.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the project.

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