Clouds and rain tonight and Thursday- Matt

SPOKANE, Wash.– Rain is coming to the Inland Northwest along with a cool off from the record heat we’ve seen this week.

What we’re tracking

A Pacific storm system arriving tonight will make up for the near-miss many had last week with rain. Rain showers will increase in coverage late tonight and we may even see a few lightning strikes. The wettest period will be in the early morning when moderate to heavy showers will be sitting over the Spokane and Couer d’Alene metro.

Rainy Day weather for 9-29-22

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Showery weather will linger as late as Friday morning and we could see up to half an inch of rain in parts of the region.

Plan your Thursday

It’s going to be a sweater and raincoat kind of day. Expect frequent showers in the morning with only occasional rain by lunchtime and through the rest of the day. Temperatures will be in the 50s most of the day, only briefly rising to the 60s in the late afternoon. Mix in a light breeze and it’s definitely going to feel like fall out there.

Planner 4 Thursday 9-29-22

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Spokane and Couer d’Alene forecasts

Thursday will be the chilliest of the next several days as this storm leaves the area by lunchtime on Friday. Skies will clear by Friday afternoon and we’ll be set up for another gorgeous weekend! It will be warm, but not like the past few days. Nobody complains about sunny and 70s right?

7 Day Wed Pm

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