Clouds and mountain showers today – Mark

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Increased Clouds and mild temperatures are in the forecast over the next 12 hours. You can expect it to reach the high 60s to low to mid-70s later this afternoon.

Wed Mid 12 Hrs

Last year, these were our highs and they were HOT! Almost reaching 110 degrees across the Inland Northwest, that is not the case this year.

Wed One Year Ago

Here are Your 4 Things to know about the upcoming forecast. Sunny skies start out today, but it will become more breezy later in the day. It will be sunny through Saturday, and we expect to see showers on the 4th of July.

Wed Mid 4 Things

Below average and comfortable highs grace across the Inland Northwest. You can expect a high of 73 degrees in Spokane, with 70 degrees being the high in Coeur d’Alene.

Wed Highs

A sunny start with some breezy winds in the south, with clouds and calmer weather later. Low 70’s are in the forecast today and will be warming to near 80 for Thursday. We will be in the mid-80s for Friday and Saturday with clouds and increased chances of showers into Monday’s 4th of July holiday.

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