Clouds and mild today, but a sunny Tuesday on the way- Mark

Happy Monday,

After a beautiful weekend, we’ll have cloudy and mild conditions throughout the day.

Mon Rest Of

Here are your 4 Things to Know:

  • Clouds will be sticking around today
  • We’ll see some wind to the south
  • A sunnier Tuesday is on the way
  • We’ll see some warmth this week, then showers move toward the end if the week

Mon Mid 4 Things

Here’s a look at today’s highs. We’re in the mid 60s to low 70s, which is just a touch warmer than average.

Mon Highs

We’ll drop down and have some mild lows tonight.

Mon Lows

A low front moving to the north brings in clouds and mild temperatures with more sunshine. Tuesday will bring some mid-60s again, then low to mid 70s for Wednesday and Thursday with clouds. Well cool off with some showers for Friday and a cooler weekend is expected.

Mon Planning 7 Day