Close to 600 “Christmas Wishes” granted

Close to 600 “Christmas Wishes” granted

Dave, Ken and Molly of 92.9 KZZU wrapped this year’s “Christmas Wish” deliveries Wednesday.

The program has been around for 21 years, helping local families in need with Christmas gifts and everyday expenses.

This year, Dave, Ken and Molly received more letters of nomination and donations than ever before.

Hundreds of people participated, some giving a few dollars, others giving thousands. Every donation counted, and close to 600 Christmas wished were granted.

About 15 or 16 families will get a visit from the Christmas Wish ‘elves’ each year, and hundreds more will be given gift cards.

Dave Sposito said he’s not sure why this year was different than the others.

Whatever the reason he’s grateful- this year was the program’s best yet.

“[People] are hearing their money in action, they’re hearing things happen because they were contributing to Christmas Wish and I think that’s a big part of it,” Sposito said.

“They’re hearing the voices of people that they’re helping,” he said.