Cleone’s Closet offers helping hand to Airway Heights community

Organizers eventually combined food and clothing, and turned Cleone's Closet into what it is today.

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash.– Cleone’s Closet and Food Pantry provides clothing, food, and resources to families in Airway Heights.

The closet started as a thrift store but had to close when the building it was operating out of was sold.

Mable Dunbar is the founder of Cleone’s Closet. She’s been running the organization for seven years.

“I grew up pretty poor, and my mother used to go to the thrift store, and she would buy clothes. And she would remake those clothes so that people wouldn’t recognize it, so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed. And I always said that when I grow up and if I ever had a ministry or a program I wanted to have a clothes closet,” Dunbar said.

Cleone’s Food Pantry is a part of the Women’s Healing Empowerment Network, an organization that provides services and resources to address domestic violence sexual abuse.

Dunbar also houses women and children at home in Cheney. The clothing and food used to be allocated only to them, however the organization eventually extended the helping hand to the community.

The food pantry distributed 280,000 pounds of food last year.

The organization runs on donations, and they are currently looking for a new place for their clothing part.

Celone’s Closet is open Monday and Friday from noon to 2 p.m.

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