Clark’s Diamond Jewelers wins dispute, customers will be reimbursed for snow promotion

clark's diamond jewelers

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — After several weeks of going back and forth, Clark’s Diamond Jewelers has settled an agreement with their insurance company that will reimburse customers who purchased items during their holiday snow promotion.

The local jewerly store offered to reimburse customers who purchased items in the store between November 22 and December 31, should it snow more than 3 inches on January 11.

A local climatologist reported more than 3 inches of snow that day, but the insurance company used a third-party verification firm that came up with a different number. At first, the Doppler radar monitoring system reported only 1.8 inches of snowfall that day. When Clark’s disagreed, a second review was completed that came up with 2.3 inches of snow.

The insurance company again refused to reimburse the money, so the jewerly store submitted additional evidence. Jane Clark said Monday that it was determined to have snowed 3.6 inches during the 24-hour period on January 11 and the policy was officially accepted.

“The insurance company is processing the settlement funds and we expect to receive those funds very shortly,” Clark’s said in a Facebook post.

Customers who qualify for the reimbursement will be invited to a client appreciation party on Friday, February 21, where they can pick up their reimbursement checks. Customers will be notified by phone, so the store asked that they refrain from calling while they process the information.

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