City wants input on bike lanes, parking on future Riverside Ave.

City wants input on bike lanes, parking on future Riverside Ave.

The City of Spokane is in the middle of an extensive planning process to figure out how to best redevelop Riverside Avenue, which runs through downtown Spokane.

Some assume these types of decisions are made behind the scenes, then major construction projects pop up, maybe interrupt our commute for a while, and then we’re stuck with the outcome.

Well the city hopes you’ll take this chance to be a part of the planning phase, so that you’re happy with the outcome and feel that dealing with the construction is worth it.

The city asked for public input on the Riverside Ave. redevelopment a few months ago, and officials say they’ve now gathered those initial responses which helped them decide the street would be changed to one lane in each direction with a center turn lane and bicycle lanes on both sides.

But now there’s a few things they want you to help decide. The latest survey allows you to vote on things like where to put those bike lanes, and which style of parking should be built.

Bike Lanes: The city is considering placing dedicated bike lanes in two different places.

The usual spot in between the parking lane and the driving lane.
Specially constructed ‘cycle tracks’ that are placed off the street, in between the sidewalk and the parking lane.

Parking Options:

Traditional parking lane, parallel to traffic
Angled spots

Angled parking would potentially allow for more spots, and accommodate larger vehicles, but it would mean there would not be room a center turn lane. This would slow traffic as people wait for vehicles to turn.

These are just a few things of the options you can weigh in on. To learn the rest– the city hopes you’ll take a look at this presentation, and then fill out this survey. But don’t wait! The city asks that you provide your answers by Friday, July 27.

You can also stop by Kendall Yards’ Night Market tomorrow, June 25. City representatives will be there, answering your questions and taking your input.

As for the time line of the project, 2018 is the design phase. Construction will be done over three construction seasons and could begin as early as 2019.

The first phase, will occur in 2019 or 2020 depending on funding availability, will include the area from Division to Washington streets.
The second phase, which will occur in 2020 or 2021, will include the area from Washington to Wall streets.
The final phase, which will occur in 2021 or 2022, will include the area from Wall to Monroe streets.