City seeks public thought on Riverside Ave. rebuild

City seeks public thought on Riverside Ave. rebuild

The city of Spokane is planning big changes for Riverside Avenue, one of downtown Spokane’s busier streets.

“It connects all kinds of things, it has poor road condition, it’s part of our downtown core,” said Marlene Feist, spokeswoman for the city’s Public Works department.

One reason for a re-do: Riverside will be a crucial stretch for the Spokane Transit Authority’s planned Central City Line, a high-performance transit service projected to be completed in the next few years.

STA released this statement on the Riverside project, on behalf of CEO Susan Meyer,

“STA has strong partners in all of the jurisdictions in the transit service area. That holds especially true with the long history of close collaboration between us and the City of Spokane on STA’s Central City Line project. Strategically integrating their plan to rebuild Riverside Avenue with the planned construction of the Central City Line is a win for businesses along the corridor, downtown commuters and visitors, and taxpayers. It makes sense to envision the opportunities these two projects create for Riverside. After this additional outreach is complete, our Board of Directors is looking forward to hearing if and how the City’s street design plans may influence High Performance Transit station design.”

The Riverside rebuild remains in the planning process- and the city seeks public input on some of the project specifics- lane configuration, parking space for cyclists.

“Now is the time to consider what we want that street to be like in the future for us how do we want it to function, how do we want it to look,” Feist said.

The city has shared an online presentation that details the reasons behind the need for the project, and walks visitors through the steps and tentative details before offering different options for what the final results would look like.

That presentation can be accessed here.

An open house will be held on February 13, beginning at 4:30 p.m. in the STA Plaza Rotunda, located at 701 W. Riverside Ave.