City seeing long wait times for tree waste disposal from storm

If you’re trying to throw away some of the broken branches from your yard, you might want to wait a little longer, or be patient. The wait time to trash them at the city’s waste to energy plant was almost up to an hour and a half on Friday.

Since the city announced the free yard waste disposal, there’s been a line ever since.

“We started to have lines like this almost immediately,” said Kris Major, an education coordinator for the city’s solid waste disposal department.

Major said they collected 66 tons of yard material on Wednesday. On Thursday, they collected 88 tons.

“We might break that today,” she said.

For Rick King, an arborist, he goes to the disposal facility quite often. He said the normal wait time is only 10 minutes, but on Friday, he waited for an hour and 20 minutes.

“All the trucks, full of brush, all the trees that had fell down, just saying that it’s a lot of work for people, taking away from their regular jobs probably like it did for me too,” King said.

The city was processing almost 60 people an hour to go through the facility.

Major said they tried to get extra staff on hand, but it wasn’t easy.

“Adding this extra yard waste is a little bit extra challenge for our staff and our facility, but it’s important for people to have a place to take it, because it was kind of an unpredictable weather event,” she said.

She said they haven’t seen lines like this since the last windstorm.

Vehicles were lined even outside of the facility.

The city will be taking residential yard waste for free until October 19.