City regulations prevent man from flying big American flag outside his business

City regulations prevent man from flying big American flag outside his business

An object of American pride is now the center of a campaign for change in Idaho.

A north Idaho family has been flying a huge flag outside their Stateline trailer business for nearly three decades. Robert Wilson started Fox Trailers in 1991.

“That flag has been there since we started, day one,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s son, Chad Fox, runs things now and he knew that flag had to come with when the business moved this year to Post Falls.

The doors have been open in Post Falls for one week now, but the 15 x 25 foot flag is still flying at the old location.

That’s because a few months ago, Fox found out the 375 sq. feet flag was too big to fly in Post Falls, based on city code. The flag pole he purchased, which rises 70 feet, is too tall, too.

“That hurt me. It’s can the city tell us how big of an American flag we can fly, especially on our own property,” Fox said.

According to City of Post Falls Planning Manager Jon Manley, the city passed the content neutral code in 2011. It controls the size of flags and banners and the height of poles they’re attached to.

Current code dictates that flagpoles in residential areas can’t be larger than 30 feet high and in industrial/commercial areas, the max height is 45 feet. Flag sizes cannot exceed 60 square feet in residential areas and more than 135 square feet in commercial areas.

Fox wants to amend part of the zoning code to say the city can approve flags and poles outside the listed sizes on a case-by-case basis.

“This will help us get our flag pole up, get our flag that we want to fly, plus other businesses in the future that are moving into Post Falls,” Fox said.

Fox will present his argument to the planning and zoning commission at a public meeting November 13. From there, the proposal could go to city council for their consideration.

“Let’s fill that place and let them know that we all want a bigger flag in the City of Post Falls,” Fox said.

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