City paving project has North Spokane homeowners frustrated

Weeks after a road project ended, homeowners in a North Spokane neighborhood say they’re still dealing with the dirty aftermath.

Homeowners say it’s been weeks since Shamrock Paving re-paved the road.

“I assumed it was going to be like most roads you see in Spokane,” said Brayson Buckner, a concerned resident. “But after they were done we started to see all the loose gravel. How it was getting tracked into our homes, it was sticking to our tires, our shoes, getting stuck in our carpet.”

It’s not just the mess they’re worried about.

Buckner says he’s also concerned about the safety of his child.

Though the city says the chemicals in the asphalt are non-toxic, Buckner says he’s concerned after looking at a list of ingredients in the chemical sheet.

“You know obviously we don’t want our kids to put things in their mouth but kids do that,” said Buckner. “So that’s why I requested the MSDS on that and when it came in the wife and I were pretty shocked that they would tell us it’s not toxic when the material they provided us says otherwise.”

City spokeswoman Marlene Feist says they used chip seal to pave the roads. She says it’s normal for loose rocks to come up, and the plan is to have at least one more sweep done to clean the road.

The City says that sweep will happen soon, but didn’t give a specific time.