City of Spokane will pick up your recycling every other week starting Monday

Recycle Map

SPOKANE, Wash. — Starting this week, the City of Spokane will only be collecting your recycling every other week.

The City says this change is to manage costs for the recycling program, which they say escalated from $14,000 to $1.4 million in a seven-year span, all without residents paying more for pickup services.

Garbage will still be picked up weekly on the same day, but recycling will move to an A/B schedule collection—you will keep your same pickup day, but recycling will be grabbed every other week, instead.

The City also cautions that if you are considering the larger recycling carts, wait and see before ordering one—officials say most residents only put out their 68-gallon carts every other week to begin with. If you do need a larger cart, call 311.

You can see what your pickup day and week will be on the City of Spokane website’s interactive map.