City of Spokane Valley to buy former White Elephant property on Sprague

White Elephant
Screenshot: Google Maps

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — The City of Spokane Valley is buying the former White Elephant property on E. Sprague with the plan of using it for law enforcement needs. 

The city intends to purchase the building for more than $2.2 million; it includes not only the building, but three acres of space and a second building further back on the property. 

“Public safety is a top priority for our city and I am excited that through our conservative budgeting practices and strong cash position we were able to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen our public safety program,” said Mayor Ben Wick. “This acquisition not only helps us fulfill our space needs of today but also provides additional possibilities for the future.” 

With the purchase of the White Elephant building, the city will have nearly six and a half acres of centrally located property to accommodate future space requirements for public safety. 

A release from the city did not specifically outline what the building will be used for, but said local leaders plan to identify and implement short-term uses for the rear portion of the new property. 

The city expects to take possession of building and plot later this month or in early September. 

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