City of Spokane to keep free curbside pickup spots permanently

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SPOKANE, Wash. — The popularity of the City of Spokane’s free 10-minute curbside pickup spots has prompted them to make those a permanent fixture on downtown streets.

At the onset of the statewide COVID-19 closures, the City set up the temporary parking spots as part of their ‘#OrderUpSpokane’ initiative to support local restaurants.

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For many businesses, those parking spots have been a life saver.

“For businesses like mine where there is no drive-thru, it has been a major lifeline to keep our business going,” reads one response sent to the City. Another reads: “I would love to see some form of this to be permanent going forward. Even having one space helps a lot.”

Now, the City is making these 10-minute pickup zones permanent, with a couple changes to make things easier for everyone. Now, these areas — denoted with a yellow “10-minute parking only sign” — are now first or last spot on downtown city blocks. The one exception is near Riverfront Park, where the high concentration of local eateries means that people likely won’t be parked for just 10 minutes getting their food.

Parking meters at these spots do not need to be plugged, although the City is encouraging high turnover for use — if you need more than 10 minutes to pick up an order, you will want to find somewhere else to park.

You can find your ideal parking spot with the city’s online map of these pickup zones.

For more information, visit the City of Spokane website.